Larose Regional Park and Civic Center

Cajun Hibachi Cooking Contest

Date: 01-Nov-2014


Cajun Hibachi Cooking Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. Cooking contest blind judging containers will be delivered to each participant at the team’s cook site.
  2. All samples will be picked up by Civic Center representatives and brought to the judging area. Please have your samples ready at the designated times or your dish will not be judged. Judging will commence when samples are delivered. You will be allowed to submit only one entry. At no time will you or any of your team members approach the judging table while judging is going on.
  3. Anything placed in the container that identifies your team apart from the number assigned to you will cause your entry to not be scored. Portion your entries such that each judge will have their own serving. Cooking contest judging by 5 judges.
  4. Entry fee OF $50 will be collected from each team to enter this contest. Any questions, please call Kirk Curole at 985-791-6720.
  5. All cooking must be done on a Cajun Hibachi or similar cooking device or flat top.
  6. All teams competing must choose 4 of the 5 categories listed below.
  7. Contest categories: Traditional Fried Rice, Traditional Meat Dish (Beef, Chicken or Pork Only), Traditional Seafood, Open, & Dessert.
  8. A minimum of 5 LBS of rice shall be cooked for the Fried Rice category (This rice can be precooked before competition.).
  9. A minimum of 5 LBS of meat shall be cooked for the Meat category. (This meat must be raw but can be precut before the competition.).
  10. A minimum of 5 LBS of seafood shall be cooked for the Seafood category.(This seafood must also be raw and can be precut before the competition).
  11. The above rules apply for the Open category unless using precooked/smoked sausages or any other foods that will be converted into something else. Not too many rules in this category. (Open category should provide 30-40 6oz servings.)

Note: Traditional dishes are to be Asian-inspired dishes (This includes Fried Rice, Meat, and Seafood dishes.)

  • A. Fried Rice: Traditional, fried rice that can contain any meat or seafood.
  • B. Meat Dish: Traditional, Beef, Chicken, Or Pork Only
  • C. Seafood: Traditional, any seafood
  • D. Open: Anything nontraditional that you can think of. This category is wide open to your imagination. (Be aware that all dishes in this category will be judged together.) This can include any type of meat, seafood, or anything that crawls, slithers, hops, jumps, or is an edible animal.
  • E. Dessert category: Anything you can think of.
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