Larose Regional Park and Civic Center

About Us

Since 1981 the Larose Regional Park and Civic Center has been the heart of our community. We cater to business meetings and luncheons, family weddings, basketball games, senior clubs and activities, first class rock concerts, Top 20 festivals, family reunions, youth programs and so much more.

The Larose Regional Park features: half-mile cement walking track, four lighted tennis courts, cement basketball courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, volleyball courts, Bantam football field, 120,000 gallon public swimming pool and facility, outside gathering pavilions, new playground equipment and outdoor volleyball."

The Larose Civic Center is a resource for people, businesses, and communities working toward prosperity through educational and entertaining activities that showcase the culture and heritage of the area. Our purpose is to strengthen families, grow a sustainable future for generations to come, and foster respect for all. Through our willingness to partner, relationships are established that provide additional services and resources committed to building a strong foundation for the future of our organization and the people of Larose.


Featured Events

    Kelly Grove Campground

    Kelly Grove provides a scenic campsite for your RV or camper, with access to water and park facilities. Rental is $35 per day. Read More

    For Kids

    Larose Regional Park and Civic Center offers after school care during the school year, summer camps, year-round mini camps, sports teams and pool activities for kids in the community. Read More

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